The best Wireframing tool ever: the Whiteboard

May 4th, 2010

Whiteboard Saturday

We used to do loads of whiteboard wireframing at Aonach. They’re much better for several people to stand around than a piece of software or a notebook, they force you into just the right level of detail with the standard marker size, and of course it’s so easy to move things around and try different layouts out.

Whiteboard WireframeWhen you’re done, take a photograph of the whiteboard (a camera phone will do), erase and on to the next page.

Recently I was out in the Rubicon wireframing with a client using three whiteboards; one for the page we were working on, one for scribbling ideas, and the other for overall process. Not that we meticulously planned it that way, it happened organically with three whiteboards at our disposal.

The whiteboards belonged to the Rubicon, Direct eBooks and Murrion. The client had promised pints to the guys for the loan of the whiteboards, so we drew pints on the whiteboards when returning them. At the top of this post is Gordon Murray’s (aka @murrion) pint, which I was quite proud of :)

Who was the client I was working with? More on that soon!

Other great whiteboard uses include SEOmoz’s whiteboard Friday series, and check out IdeaPaint which turns any wall into a whiteboard!

I’ll leave you with this classic work of genius: