LinkedIn Button for WordPress

LinkedIn Share ButtonThis plugin adds a LinkedIn share button to posts & pages, allowing your visitors to easily and quickly share your content with their LinkedIn network.

The plugin settings allow you to choose whether to display on:

  • posts
  • pages
  • posts on the home page
  • posts in archive listings
  • posts in search results

You can also specify whether to display inline, float left or right, and show at the top or bottom of the post. You can display the button automatically, or choose to add it on a per post basis.


Download the plugin, unzip and upload to your plugins directory. Then go to your plugin section in your WordPress admin and activate the plugin. Once activated, go to settings > linkedin button and choose where and how to display the button.

If you uncheck all the options for displaying the button you can manually add the button on posts and pages by selecting “show the button” in the LinkedIn Button options when editing the post or page.

You can also check out the LinkedIn Share Button plugin page on


The plugin comes with six button variations, including the official LinkedIn buttons with the share count included – but you can create your own button and styles for the plugin if you like, check out the FAQ on the site.

LinkedIn share style options

Problems / Questions

If you have questions send me an email and I will do my best to answer them.

John Blackbourn Rocks

This plugin was developed for me by John Blackbourn. He rocks the joint.